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Lake McDonald Area Trail Map

Logan Pass, St. Mary and Many Glacier Area Trail Map

Two Medicine Area Trail Map

North Fork Area Trail Map

Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop off like autumn leaves.
~ John Muir

Day Hikes Trail Maps for Glacier National Park. Logan Pass Trail Map covers from Avalanche to St Mary and Many Glacier.

A slow hikers guide to Wildflowers in Glacier National Park. Note: You need to have iBooks app installed on your computer for this link to go to the correct page. (iPad or Mavericks) Your iPad will need iBooks 3 or later, your MAC will need OS X.9 or later and iBooks 1.0 or later.

Available on iBooks wildflower book cover

Day Hikes Trail Maps for Glacier National Park. Lake McDonald Area covers from Apgar to Avalanche. The Howe Lake Trail appears on the Lake McDonald Area as it is on the western side of Howe Ridge. Howe Ridge is the burnt ridge above the western shore of Lake McDonald.

The Logan Pass, St. Mary and Many Glacier Area Trail Map is huge. In the Day Hike section I have divided it up into Logan Pass Area, starting at Avalanche and going to Sunrift Gorge. The St Mary Area only contains two hikes but the map connects the St Mary entrance with the Many Glacier Entrance. Finally the Many Glacier Area, is one of the most concentrated areas for hikes in Glacier National Park.

The Two Medicine Trail Map also contains a large number of trailheads in a small area. The trailheads are in a small area, the hikes cover a lot of ground.

The North Fork Area Trail Map covers from the Inner North Fork Road and continues almost to the Canadian Border near Kintla Lake.

The map links above are from Day Hikes in Glacier. This brochure is free, it is finally available at Glacier National Park Entrance Stations as well as the Visitor Centers. You have to ask for it!

If you plan on hiking get a copy of Day Hikes in Glacier and keep a copy in your pack. When you get to a trail and you find it closed it helps to know what other options you have.

When you study the Day Hike Guide it is important to remember that the distances noted are one-way. Except for the few hikes that are Loops or the more common start at one location and end at another.

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